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How do I add more operators to my KariChat account?
To add additional operators to your KariChat account, you will need to upgrade. When you upgrade, new monthly fees apply. Check our pricing list for information.
How do I add new operators to my account after I upgrade?
Login to your KariChat admin, then click on the "Operators" button.
To add a new operator, press "new operator" and enter the operator information.
To edit an existing operator, select the operator nickname from the drop down list, then press "edit"
To delete an operator, select the operator's nickname from the drop down list and press "delete"
What is the operator password field used for? and how do I add a password
Each operator can have its own password. When you login to your KariChat account, you will be asked to provide the operator's password in case that operator has one.
To add a password to an existing operator, press "operators" in your KariChat admin, then select the operator's nickname from the drop down menu and press "edit". Then, in the password field, you can add a new password. After you finish, click "save".


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