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How do my website visitors know if I am online or not, and if I am online, how do I receive chat requests from my website visitors
Once you add the html code for the chat images/buttons to your web pages, your visitors will be able to know that you are online from the displayed image which turn to "offline" automatically when you click the "logout" button in your KariChat admin, or when you close the admin page or get disconnected from the internet. If your status shows "online", when the visitor clicks on that image, the chat window will open and connect to you.
After the visitor connects, you will receive an alert with a sound, notifying you that there is a new chat request. Press "accept" to start the session, or "decline" to decline the chat. If you decline the chat, a message will be displayed to your visitor stating "all our operators are currently busy, please try later".

Weather you accept the chat request or decline it, the chat request alert will no longer be displayed to other connected operators. It will only remain displayed as long as no action is taken from any connected operator.

How many chat requests can I accept and chat with at the same time?
Each operator can accept unlimited chat requests. But can chat with up to 5 people at the same time. New chat requests will only be available to other free connected operators.


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