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What information do I get about my visitors?

When you have a new visitor on the site, you will get a sound alert. Then you will see the visitor information displayed on the main screen. The information that you will see is: Visitor's IP address, the page that he is currently viewing, the referring page (the page in which he clicked a link that led to the current page), search engine and keyword information and the visitor's country (click on "check now" in the country column do get the visitor's country).

What do the letters "N" and "R" in the main screen mean?

"N" means that this is a new visitor, "R" means that this is a repeat visitor. Please note that this information is not 100% accurate, because KariChat uses cookies to recognize repeat visitors. So if a visitor has disabled or deleted cookies, KariChat will not recognize this visitor the second time he visits.




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