Karichat Live Chat Software
By using KariChat, you can:
Monitor your website visitors, see which pages they are currently viewing, which page they are stuck with, then provide assistance.
Get information about your visitor instantly, like which country he is in and what is his IP address.
Know which page your visitor came from (referring page)
Know which search engine your visitor used to find your website, and what keywords.

Invite visitors for chat (pro-active automated chat initiation)
Enable/Disable visitor login (When disabled, visitor will skip the "enter nickname" page and will connect directly to you
Chat in real time, without page refresh or delay, using RTMP protocol (real-time messaging protocol)
Use custom greeting message
Sound and visual alerts when you have a new chat request
Answer questions fast by using preset answers to frequently asked questions
Use custom online/offline images on your website, which lets your users know if you have operators available for chat
Customize your visitor's chat window, by displaying your own company logo and name.
Recognize repeat visitors, and view browsing history and previous chat sessions.
Use push technology to open any page in your visitor's browser. Extremely useful if your visitor needs help finding a specific page
Operators, as well as visitors, have the option to save the chat session and receive a copy by e-mail
Use the personal info panel to grab your visitor's full name and e-mail address and have them sent to your e-mail address without having to write them down and losing them later.
Change chat text color
Receive offline messages: if your images shows "offline", your users can click and leave a message in a snap, without even knowing your e-mail address. All offline messages are sent to your e-mail directly
Use your own offline/online images, to match your website's look and feel.
Transfer chats easily between operators
Operator to Operator chat
Start with 1 operator, and upgrade to up to 5 operators or more
Totally hosted, requires nothing but a Macromedia Flash enabled browser (95% of browsers already have Macromedia Flash plug-in
Very easy to use, just copy and paste html code into your web pages. This way you can have KariChat running on your website in less than 10 minutes
Unlimited automatic free upgrades: new features are added almost every week.
Flexible and affordable pricing


Please note that Karichat is not connected with ProvideSupport in any way but is only an affiliate of ProvideSupport. All trademarks are owned by the respective owners.