Karichat Live Chat Software
KariChat Privacy Policy

KariChat is committed to protect its users' privacy. This is the reason we created this privacy policy.
Information we collect from KariChat registered members:
KariChat collects name and e-mail address information from its users. This is used only by KariChat and for the sole purpose of contacting the user regarding matters related to KariChat services or his KariChat account.
Billing and credit card information:
KariChat DOES NOT collect credit card information or billing addresses from members. This information is collected by a 3rd party processor, like StormPay, and used for the purpose of completing the transaction and required by credit card companies.
Information we collect from KariChat user's visitors:
KariChat has a feature that allows the member to request e-mail address and name information from their visitors and customers. This information is sent by e-mail to the member. KariChat will not use nor sell this information.
KariChat DOES NOT keep copies of chat sessions. KariChat saves these chat sessions in files called "shared objects", similar to cookies, on the user's machine, and are not accessible to KariChat.
Information we collect from KariChat's website visitors:
KariChat collects IP address information from site visitors, as well as monitors each visitor's browsing history, and may keep a record of the pages browsed and viewed by each visitor.


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