How To Increase Instagram Engagementin 2020

How To Increase Instagram Engagement 2020 

Instagram engagement drop my oh my this videoyou learn how to increase your Instagram engagement in 2020 organically over some important questions,like what counts Instagram engagement. It’s not just likes and comments and how doyou increase eat organically and why it is that not a lot of people just tell you forfree on the internet on YouTube. So stick around until the end intro. If you’re new here and you are interestedin growing on Instagram, make sure you click the Subscribe button with bell notificationson and I really appreciate it. If you just give this video of Life, whatcounts as Instagram engagement stubing’s retention and activity on a particular post. So what is retention the time someone spenton your post that you read the caption. Does he keep staring at do you like the videoyet? You know
 I can see if you did or did not doit. Right the longer you can get a person to stayon your post the longer you’re keeping him to stay on a Seagram’s platform and guesswhat Instagram makes money from ads and they deliver ask because people spend a lot oftime on their play for the longest amount spent on the app the more as they can deliverto hit make sense. And I’m not saying it’s a crime but I wantyou to build it and this is why I make these YouTube videos you’re watching. Okay, let’s go over activity care of yourselves. They are great for activity because peoplecan swipe right and left and I’m just like him, and also retention because they spendmore time on that continent if you have a quote and then some other quotes or a questionand the answer in the person has to keep rolling right or left. 
You consume that piece of content the personspends more time on your post and this room will reward it when testing it next to anotherpiece of content another very important activity magic that you need to follow is actuallyprofile visits and follows. If you just post random quote chances areyou won’t get that many profile visits, but if your piece of content can relate to theperson that sing it he can go to your profile. If you visit your profile if you have a verywell optimized bio stuff like that. You can actually convert him into an Instagramfollower profile visits Carousel swipe up left right down follow. Those are very key activity Matrix one morethat are water people forget exactly share and save people safe quotes for very memorablemoments or do it yourself small videos or quick. There’s so if you get really motivated themwere really nice photo that they want to copy. If you’re in the photo share something that’sfunny something that relates to them or someone they know so shareability save ability thatkey metric to find the Instagram engagement drop of water. People are experiencing you want to acknowledgeand make the most out of every single activity and everything should keeping function ofthe. Platform and obviously that’s like some commentsas well. But I know you pretty much figured those twoout. I’m here and I’ll just tell you what’s wrongwith me help you practical ways to increase your engagement on your post. So when it comes to Instagram engagement,there are some things that are within your scope and there are some things that you donot have any control over you have control over the quality of the content the time thatyou pause the content on the promotion that you do after the condom. How can you promote your just sharing it onyour story and see new post might not be that entertaining but for example saying somethinglike you put on your post that’s actually can incentivize people to go on Post in life. 
You can also give away from the head videoson why you can’t do giveaways giveaways. How you can tell them in the car to buff writinglong captions can really help you with keeping the retention. If you want people to actually connect withyou to relay to you spend time on your content converting to profile visits and convertersprofile visits in to ask your followers. You really want to spend time on your caption. I know what people are just saying PC phonesto get thirty thousand likes and then you just post happy Sunday. Will you not getting thirty thousand likesright that’s supposed to start a long time ago. Maybe they were part of a reality show. Maybe they were part of a scandal. Maybe they have a big business. Maybe they have a huge amount of money tospend on power life and promotion after they post you don’t know all this act. So you want to play with the things that arewithin your scope a quick tip I can give you right now is directly above the quality ofyour post as much as possible and have video and you can see in the car tube of how
 I tryto grow my account. Athletes are on your phone actually use Lightroomnow have some pretty certain of that foot WV Saturday, and I don’t know that much aboutphoto editing sentences are you don’t do what you can get some really nice presets withsome free apps on this on your phone. So yeah, if you’re interested in constantlike this, make sure you like this with you because it really helps me out because hespend a lot of time preparing these videos because I want you to watch them until theyhave so I really spent a lot of paper and I would really appreciate it. If you just give this video like and commentdown below what you do or what you see a video day keeps the doctor away. Wait by the end of this video. Make sure you check one of these video soundthe rides year. They sold this one. 

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