How To Make Eye-Catching Stickers For Instagram Stories

One of the easiest ways to infuseyour Instagram Stories with your personality and your brandis by creating custom made Instagram Story stickers.What, they exist? Yes. And in today’s video, I’m going to show you how you can makethem and use them so that your business really pops on Instagram. And stay tuned until the end where I’mgoing to share how to use Instagram Story stickers strategically, so that they really enhance the visualsof your Stories and give you that branded look. I’m Elise Darma, and I’ve helped thousands of entrepreneurslike yourself use Instagram to actually grow your business. And today I’m covering how toadd a branded Instagram Story sticker to your Stories. Now I’ve used this techniquefor well over a year now, especially whenever I’m launchingor opening a brand new program.

There’s something to besaid for brand recognition. And they do say that people need tosee a message between seven and 21 times before they become a customer. So by incorporating these custommade and branded stickers to your Stories, they are helping Storyviewers actually become customers. Let’s dive in into how to makethese custom branded Story stickers. And for that, I’m going totake you over to my desktop. So here we are in my Canva account,this is where it all happens. So Canva is where I create my designsand I’ll show you my designs if you’d like, which will then turn intomy Instagram Story stickers. So you can see I’m a big, big Canva user. Now let me show you thisdesign, for example, because this is actually one of thebranded Story stickers that I use for my product called

TikTok Vault.So you can see, as I mouse over, these are all elementsinside of this whole image. So me and my team members have builtthis in and you can see that they’re all moveable. Okay. So I’m not goingto mess with it too, too much, but the key is you’regoing to build your image, whether it’s a logo or a productmock-up like this in Canva. Now, once it’s complete, you’re going to go to the downloadbutton and then make sure you hit transparent background. And inthis case, I only want page one, which is this first design here.Okay. So make sure it’s a PNG, transparent background and justdownload the design that you want. Now, if I were to designsomething from scratch, let’s say I didn’t havea logo or product mockup. I would just go to ‘Create Design’. Andlet’s say Instagram post dimensions, because that would be 1080 x 1080. And I can just start building it here. So let’s say it is a program called, I don’t know, How to Keto,or something like that. So I’m just going toquickly mock up in Canva using text. I also can go to elementsand search something like lettuce, for example.

So here we have a coupleof lettuce options. So let’s say we’re just goingto pull up a couple around our product logo and let’s do this one here. I have a Canva pro account sothat’s why I’m able to use this. And of course all theseelements can be adjusted. Now I am not a logo designer clearly, but this is just fordemonstration purposes. So this is just something I quicklymocked up and let’s say, it’s all good. I’m happy with it. Again, I’m just going to go to Download andhit ‘transparent background’ and then download it to my computer.Here in my Downloads folder, I can actually see the image we justdownloaded and I want to preview it. I want to make sure there’s nobackground. It should be clear. And here’s the first onewe downloaded as well. So let’s say our How to Ketois the one that we want. So now I’m just going to right clickand then hit ‘Share’, ‘Airdrop, and I’m going to send it to my phone.Alright. So as you can see, I just, airdropped the file from my computerto my phone and here it is in my camera roll.

Okay. And ifI tap it one more time, I actually see that it does havea transparent background. Okay. So the white is just myphone’s background. It’snot the image’s background. And that’s really important. Now, oftentimes when I have aproduct logo like this, I will either favorite it or I’ll addit to an album so that I don’t lose it. So for example, if I go to my favorites, you can see that I have alot of product images here, just so that I can quicklyreference them. Now again, you can categorize them byfavorites or by actual albums. Okay. So in this case, I’m just goingto quickly add it to my favorites. And there’s a reason for this becausenow when I go to my Instagram Stories and let’s say, I’m going tofilm something like, Okay, Hey, Instagram, I’m so excitedthat my brand new program, How to Keto has launchedtoday. If you want to join, make sure you send me a DM ASAP,or just reply to this Story. Okay. So I just recorded that on the fly.

Now this is a fine InstagramStory just for a quick CTA, but how do I actually bringin my logo of How to Keto into the Story? Well, what I’m going todo is go back to my camera roll. I’m going to hit ‘Select’. I’m going tohit the image that I want to bring in. Then on an iPhone, I’m going to hit this squarearrow in the bottom left, and that’s going to allow me to copyphoto. Okay. So now the photo’s copied, I’m just going to go back to this windowwhere my Story is there and you can see there’s an ‘add sticker’ button.Okay. So that doesn’t always pop up, but Instagram knew that I had just copiedsomething and it was asking me if I wanted to paste it in,essentially. So there it is. It’s there in my Story because it hasa transparent background. You know, the actual background that Iput it on top of is important. So you generally wantsomething clean and clear, or let’s say I wanted it to gohere. I can always use the pen tool. Let’s say the highlighterand we’ll make it yellow.

And I can just do like a scribble. And that would give it a nice backgroundso that you can actually see the logo. Alright. So that’s a super quick demo on howyou create your sticker in Canva. You bring it over to your phone, you thencopy it from your phone’s camera roll. And if you don’t get thatsticker button, that’s okay. What you can do is justgo to the cursor option. So I just hit the ‘A’ in the upper, right. And then I’m going to tap the blue lineand I’m going to get this paste option. Okay. So I can actually paste it in again, if that sticker button doesn’tpop up. And of course, if I can, I can delete it just by draggingand dropping it. Okay. So again, you can always go to the pastebutton from the cursor in case that sticker option to pop in yoursicker, doesn’t pop up. Now, how do you use branded stickers likewhat I just showed you strategically? Well, it all comes down to theseason of business that you’re in.

Now, if you’re not familiarwith my Story Seasons Method, go ahead and check out this videoright after you finish this one, because I break it all down. Essentially there are four seasons ofbusiness that any one of us are generally in: visibility, engagement,lead generation and sales. So branded stickers, likewhat I just showed you, are amazing for when you’re ina season of lead generation or even closing sales. Again, people need to see a message sevento 21 times for them to become a customer or a buyer. So if you’re in a season oflead generation or sales, creating a branded custom sticker,like what I just showed you, is an amazing way to drive yourmessage home and get your offer out there in front of your people so thatthey can actually become customers or clients. Are you ready to learn even moreabout the business seasons and how to sync up your Instagram Stories to theseason that you’re currently in right now? Well, I invite you tocheck out Story Vault. Story Vault is my answer to yourquestion of, What do I post today? I’ve put together 800 ideasfor your Instagram Stories, all categorized by the fourseasons: visibility, engagement, lead generation and sales.

Plus I’m giving you 16free Instagram Story ideas. I’ll leave the link right below this videoso you can download them and put them into action today. To ease and revenue.I’ll see you in the next video. Thanks for joining me for today’stutorial on how to create a custom branded Instagram Story sticker. If you likedthis video, please give this video a like, and don’t forget to subscribe so you don’tforget any future trainings like this one.

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