How To Make Custom Gif On Instagram

So once upon a time I did this. I asked my audience whatthey thought I was doing, and no one really guessed correctly. What I was doing in that clipwas turning myself into a GIF for my Instagram Stories. Ever since Elise the GIFdebuted on Instagram Stories, this is probably the number onequestion I’ve received: Elise, how did you turn yourself into a GIF? And initially I created a GIFversion of myself just for fun. I didn’t really think itwould be all that useful, but ever since I created aGIF version of myself, boy, I am finding it very useful justto jazz up my Instagram Stories, I’ve even put myself intoposts on my feed as a GIF. I even use myself in ads as a GIF.

So overall I’m really happyI turned myself into a GIF. That’s what I’m going toshow you in today’s video, how you can turn yourself into aGIF for free for your Instagram Stories. And stay tuned until the end where I’mgoing to share how the GIFs that you create of yourself for your Storiescan actually serve as a mini ad for your business. I’m Elise Darma, and I’ve taught thousands ofentrepreneurs, freelancers, and Creators like yourself how touse Instagram to grow your business. And today I’m showing you how toturn yourself into a GIF for your Instagram Stories. Step one is planning. What are the movements that you want torecord yourself doing that you’re going to find really useful for yourStories? I’ve done this once before. And what I find reallyuseful are a few emotions and motions.

Things like thinking,that one’s been pretty good. Of course, if you have the SwipeUp feature that one’s really good, you can do this, or you caneven point up and look up. There’s also clapping.There’s also dancing. There is also hand hearts, which is one that I wish I haddone the first time around. So go ahead and look at the GIFs thatyou’ve used in the past, in your archive, on your Instagram Stories. Look at the GIFs that people are usingand make a list of all the movements that you want to record. Believe me, I wish Ihad done this because it’s super handy, so you don’t forget anythingthat you need to record. Next step is to recordyourself making the movements. So I have used my phone for this, but I do recommend a high definitioncamera like the one that I’m filming on right now, it’s the Canon G7X. And so my GIFs that are publishedright now are from this camera. We just found that itproduced a better quality.

So if you can use the highquality camera, great. If not, this will do just fine. Andfor demonstration purposes, I’m going to use my iPhone rightnow. Okay. So I’m standing up, I actually have my phone camera positionedright underneath this camera and I’m just going to fill myself doing a motionjust so you can see really quickly what it is. Okay. So the classic swipe up motion. I just filmed four seconds of it. Now that it’s filmed on my phone, we’re actually going togo to my desktop computer. I’m going to pull the file offof my phone and bring it into a program that makes all this magic happen. Here we are on my desktop and in mydownloads folder is the clip that I just filmed on my phone. And right here is the toolthat you will use to remove the background of your videowhenever you film.

So again, make sure you’re in front of a lightand your clip is as clear as possible because you’re just going to comehere. You’re going to upload the clip. And by the way, I had to convert my .movfile to an .MP4 file. So I found that the .MP4 workedbetter with this program. So I just found a free tool thatdid that online. So here we are, it’s uploading my clip that I justfilmed and you can see it’s done a pretty good job of removing thebackground. Oh, my hand went, let’s see if we can capture that.Let’s give it a few minutes. Okay. So I can see that myhand is being cut off. So that would tell me to go back to myoriginal video clip and actually trim that first part off ’cause I don’tsee a trim tool with this one. Um, so it looks like you need to upload yourclip in full as good as it’s going to be.

‘Cause right now my onlyoptions are to view the original, look at the transparent, there’sa video background option, colored options as well. Oryou can add an image. Okay? So we’re just going to do transparent,’cause that’s the purpose. And here I can see that Ican download it as a GIF, an animated PNG or single frames.So in this case we want to GIF. And because it’s a free tool,there is going to be a watermark, but of course there’s the pro optionwhere you can remove the Unscreen watermark. Okay. So now that it’sdownloaded, let’s say it’s perfect. And this is what we want to upload. Now we’re going to go to giphy.comand you’re going to want to create an account. So here I am in my agency account onGiphy and you can actually see all the prior GIFs that we’ve uploaded. So this is how I’m pullingthem into my Instagram Stories. So let’s go to upload and submit our most recent GIF that wejust created. Here. It is. You can see it right there. And there we go. So it’s notperfect, but there’s the GIF. Now here’s where you’re goingto enter your source URL. So it could be Andthis is where you’re going to tag it. Tags are important.

This is where you want to usekeywords that you are going to use, to find your own GIF, but you also want to use keywordsthat other people might be typing in to perhaps use your GIF as well. So girl, woman, um, you could even doswipe up girl for example, I’ve seen that one, uh, Jean jacket, um, see more, watch more, tap more. So tags are really importantfor you to find your GIF. So for me, I just type in Elise Darma, and it’s also a really greatway for you to almost be an ad for other people when they are searchingfor key terms as well. All right? So once you’re finished all your tags,you’re going to give your GIF a rating. Then you can choosewhether it’s public or not. So you want to leave public on. And then you’re going to upload to Giphy. And there you have it.The upload is complete. It’s now officially in theGiphy account for me and for others to ultimately searchfor and find on Instagram. I do find that when you upload to Giphy, it takes 12-24 hours to actuallysee your Instagram account. So the one I just uploadedis going to need some time, but I’ll check back in a couple hours andthen I will find that GIF for me to be able to use. There you have it. That’s how you turn yourself intoa GIF for your Instagram Stories.

Now, if you’re watching this thinking,well, that’s great. It looks fun, but what is the point of turningmyself into a GIF for my Stories, if I don’t even know how to usemy Stories to grow my business? That is a very good question, myfriend, and for you, I have a solution. It’s called Story Vault. Story Vault is my answerto your question of, what do I post to my Stories sothat it actually makes a difference? Story Vault is 800 ideas for your Stories, all categorized by what yourbusiness needs the most right now, whether that is visibility,engagement, leads, or sales. Plus I have 16 free InstagramStory prompts for you that you can download and check outeven before you join Story Vault, I’ll leave the link for the 16 freeprompts right below this video. To ease and revenue. I’llsee you in the next video. Thanks for watching this demo on howto GIF-ify your Instagram Stories. If you’ve made it this far, please subscribe to my channel so thatyou don’t miss any future trainings just like I like this one.

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