How To Make Quotes For Instagram in 2020

Now when I’ve created a quote card that’sjust a static image and I want to jazz it up and animated and make it a video, I have two apps that I use to do thisreally quickly right on my phone. So let me go ahead andshow you what they are. A student in one of my paidprograms recently asked, Hey Elise, how do you make one ofthese types of posts? Now, if you’ve learned Instagrammarketing from me before, you’ve probably heard me talkabout community-based content. That’s a term I’ve made up, but quote cards are theperfect way for you to create community content.

That means it’s content not aboutyou and it’s all for your community. So if you’ve ever wanted to make quotecards or community-based content, you’re in the right place because intoday’s video I’m going to share with you how I make quote cards for my Instagramfeed and stay tuned until the end where I’m going to share my apps that I useall the time to give my quote cards that little extra oomph, which gives themeven more visibility in the algorithm. Now, what I’m about to share with you todayisn’t just any old quote card training. We’ve all seen quote cards for years, but I’m going to take you behind thescenes of how I make community-based content through quote cards, which actually give me crazy engagement. To give you a littleinsight into what I mean, I’m going to roll one of my TikTok videosthat explains it better than I could. What I’m about to show you is why yourInstagram feed needs community-based content. [upbeat music] Because the crazy thing about Instagramis we’ve all been conditioned to care about likes, but the algorithmdoes not care about likes. Let me show you what I mean. I’m going to show you a behind thescenes look at my insights for one of my posts.

Now, the likes on this posthave been hidden from my view, but if I tap insights, I can see that this posthas received 735 likes. Now, some people might look at my 80 to90,000 followers and be like, Hmm, that’s low. I don’t care about likes. What I really look at isthe shares and the saves. The crazy thing is thispost has over 1500 saves, more than the likes. Now the algorithm cares moreabout shares and saves way more than likes, so this is a perfect example of apost that might not look like from the outside it’s doing that well, but I know from my insightsit’s doing amazing. Now because this is such an important key, let’s cover what is communitybased content. Again, this is a term that I’ve made upbecause it’s not just a quote card. A quote card could be an inspiring quote. I’m not talking about thatwith community based content, I’m talking about a post on yourfeed that has nothing to do with you. It is something that you’ve designedfor your community to resonate with, so much so that they’re going to shareit to their Stories or save it or send it to their friends.

Another way to think about it is backin the day people used to put bumper stickers on their cars. For your audience, what is a bumper sticker that theywould be proud to put on their car? And if they’re real fanatics,you can think about it like this: What’s a tattoo that they’d bewilling to put on their forehead? The point is you need to createcontent that’s a quote, it’s a graphic, it’s a chart. It’s somethingthat makes your audience feel, yes, yes, yes, that’s me. You’ve nailedit a hundred percent. And it’s not easy. I’m not going to lie. Community-based content is not that easybecause you’re essentially verbalizing something that your audience is feelingand they might not have verbalized it yet themselves, but when you post something thatgets that amount of shares and saves, that’s when you know you’ve done your joband you’ve created an awesome piece of community-based content. Now, why is this kind of contentdoing so well right now? Community-based content in the formof quote cards is doing so well in my opinion because it’s really a mix of memes- we all know memes are really hot on Instagram – but it allows youto mix in value into the meme.

Now I define value by whether thecontent is inspirational, educational, or entertaining, so any of thoseelements you can put into a quote card. Again, we’ve got the meme aspect blended inand it’s truly a recipe for success. Now let me take you behind the scenesinto my business and I’ll show you how I make my quote cards. I usea program called Canva. I’m a desktop girl so I’m goingto show it to you on my desktop, but you can also use their app. HereI am inside of my Canva account, you can see that I’ve labeled this designas “Elise Instagram quote cards” so I can always find it. And scrolling through, you can see that some of thesedesigns are super simple, like this is just a text-based post, but again it’s for myaudience, it’s not about me. Let me zoom out a little here as well. You can see some that I’ve designed alittle bit more with borders to match my brand colors. And you can see that I even keep thedesign sometimes for inspiration, even though this is one that I posteda long time ago, I like to keep it. This is a quote of mine from Twitter,which I just bring into Canva.

So I’ll show you that in a second. But here you can get a sense of thetype of posts that I’ve created. Now, what is this moving elementyou might ask? Well, this is a really cool feature withinCanva. If you go over to Elements, then go over to Stickers, you can see that thereis some animated options. So I think I just wentto shapes or frames. You can also type in keywords andthen use the search here to say static or animated. So I do like finding animatedfeatures because then when I download it, what I can do is go toShow More or Download, choose page 10 which isthe design that I’m on. And then I can choose to exportit as a video. And as you know, I love video because it’ssuper engaging in the feed. So that’s how I turn myquote cards into video. I’ll just find something animated fromCanva’s backend, like these stickers, add it to my card. And thereyou go. I have a video. So let’s keep scrolling. You can see here I’ve gotten a littlebit more artistic with my designs, but believe me when I say Idon’t have a design background, I think my team has helped me make a fewof these things like this graph here, but I’m usually the one creatingthe written aspect of it. So Canva is where I createall of my quote cards. Now let’s go back to this Twitter one. This is a popular way to share yourthoughts and also get your branding in it.

So let’s go over to my Twitter feedreally quickly and you can see here that that was a quote of mine. So one cool thing you could do is actuallytest your thought in Twitter and see what sort of engagement you get.So this isn’t anything crazy, but it’s more than my average. So what I did was I openedup Twitter on my phone. I took a screenshot of thistweet and then I upload it into my Canva folders. I brought it in and you can see thatthere was this one element here that came in from Twitter. So all I did was go toElements and then go down to Shapes and I just pulled ina shape like this and I made it white so that it blended in and thenall I did was use that shape to cover up this element. I just didn’t wantit to detract from my message, but other than that, this is literally just a screenshotfrom my phone of my tweet.

I didn’t have to add in my handle becauseyou can see my Twitter handle is the exact same. So that’s a popular stylethat I really like, to tweet something, take a screenshot with yourphone, bring it into Canva. Again, Canva is also a mobile app, soyou can do this all on your phone. Another type that I’mexperimenting with is this, so this is a screenshot from my phone. It’s just something thatI created in my notes. So let me just duplicate it and deletethis and I can show you that this was the original screenshotfrom my phone, right? So I just wrote a few tips,productivity tips. I took a screenshot, brought it into my Canva account. Then I use the crop featurehere to cut all this out and to minimize all this, right? So I could have just made this fullsize and made this my whole quote card, but I wanted my branding in it. So I used the green border andthen these are little animated circles. If I zoom them out, youcan see that they’re animated. So this was my sneaky little elementto bring some animation to this post so that it could actuallyexport as a video. And this was the final version of it. And when you go over tomy feed and check it out, you’ll see that it actuallyplays as a video.

So that’s it. Nothing too complicated. Canva ismy base for all of these things. I have ideas that hit me at all differenttimes on things that I can share like through a quote card. So I do use the notes app on my phoneto just jot down any ideas so I don’t forget them. Now when I’ve created a quote card that’sjust a static image and I want to jazz it up and animate it and make it a video. I have two apps that I use to do thisreally quickly right on my phone. So let me go ahead andshow you what they are. Here I am inside of my appPixaloop, which I love. So you can see here this is a quote cardfrom my camera roll and there are ways that you can animate. I meanyou can hit this Animate option, but I find that I usually go to effectsand you can see here that when you hit the play button you can start to see whatthe effect looks like and you can pick and choose, you know, whatelement of your quote card moves. This one is moving across the whole thing. You can see the words kind of flickering. I’ve actually used this onebefore and people have asked me, so it’s all in Pixaloop. Um, again, here’s some more options here just tomake some animation on your graphic and lots of ways that youcan adjust it as well. So I really like effectsjust for a simple quote card. Everything else like water and sky,they’re better for real images. Um, the other one would bethis overlay option. So this is a cool way to um, also add some animation over your image.

A second app that I liketo use is called Over. So Over has some really nice built-indesigns. Here I am on the homepage, you can see here they’re actuallyteaching me how to make wavy text, which is a design trend that I’mseeing more and more on Instagram. So I can go ahead and read thattutorial or I can use their templates to find something that looks like a goodbase. If I don’t want to use a template, I can also just pull up from my cameraroll and start from my quote card there. Now other template options can befound right here. So for example, if I use this quote option, again, these are some good baseline designsto get me started and I can edit them all directly within the app.

Somakes it easy to make quotes on the go. So there you have it. You’ve got my secrets on how Imake quote cards for Instagram. Now if you’re looking for evenmore content ideas from me, I invite you to check out Story Vault. Story Vault is 800 ideasfor your Instagram Stories, which you can definitely usefor your captions too. Now, these aren’t just randomprompts and ideas. They are all specific to theseasons of your business. Curious what I mean there? Head to the link right in the descriptionof this video or head to to get the full scoop. To ease inrevenue. I’ll see you in the next video. Now I define mat. NowI define value either. Now I define value in that. Now I define value through,now I define value. How do I define value?

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