Instagram Marketing Strategy Explained 2020

How many hints have Idropped in this video? Do you love reading incomereports as much as I do? There’s something so satisfying aboutgoing behind the scenes of someone’s business and yes, seeingall their dollars and cents, but really understanding theirstrategy behind their business growth. If you like income reportsor going behind the scenes, you’re in luck because in today’s video, I’m sharing behind the scenes of myInstagram marketing plan for 2020. Look, Instagram is the breadand butter for my business. I have been an Instagrammarketer since 2013. So it’s kind of important I have a solidInstagram strategy, don’t you think?

So I’m going to share withyou all my thinking and, and I’ll also share with you howI’ve grown almost 10,000 followers so far this year. Andstay tuned until the end, because I’m going to share withyou one of my favorite resources to find even more content torepurpose it for your Instagram. I’m Elise Darma, and I’ve helpedthousands of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and creators like yourself useInstagram to actually monetize their business. And in today’s video, I’m sharing with you my Instagrammarketing strategy for 2020. First things first with anymarketing strategy, for any platform, you have to know your goals. Youhave to know where you’re going. And in January of this year, I actually publicly shared mygoals in this post right here. So go ahead and find it in my feedand read all those juicy details.

Aside from my big income goal, I also shared with you othernumber-y type of goals, including how many YouTubesubscribers I want, email subscribers and Instagram followers. In 2020 it’s my goal to hita hundred thousand followers. And right now we’re definitely on trackto hit that sooner rather than later. But I want you to read that captionbecause I actually show you my plan of how to get to 100,000 followers. I’llread a little bit of it right now. So let’s look at my goal of ahundred thousand Instagram followers. As an example, as of today, I’m at 22,500 followersaway from that goal. That means I’m aiming for 1,875 a month or 433 followers a weekor 62 new followers a day. Notice how I broke itdown into tangible numbers. So what’s my plan tomake this happen.

Well, I’m going to use Lateras my scheduling tool, I’m going to post to my feed threetimes a week – check, doing it. I’m going to repurpose my YouTubecontent to my feed or IGTV – check, doing it. And I’m going to postto my Stories three times a day. Check, check, check. So I’d love foryou to read that caption in full, over on my Instagram feed sothat you can understand. Yes, I set pretty cool lofty goals, butI also broke it down backwards. How was I actually goingto achieve those goals? That’s exactly what you need to do foryour own Instagram marketing strategy for this year. Maybe you have a goal to hit 10,000followers so that you can finally use the Swipe up feature. Great. How manyfollowers do you need a month?

How many do you need a week? Howare you going to achieve that? Maybe you want a thousand followersthis year do the exact same thing. What is your plan to get there? Now a few quick things you can do todaybecause we all know growing takes time, especially when you’re focusingon quality over quantity. But here’s my list of quickthings you can do right now. The first thing you can do is go intoyour followers and delete any bought – like, purchased or fake – followers, because they’re not goingto help your engagement. Or if you feel like you have fakeaccounts or bot accounts following you, then you can delete them as well. So just pull up in your profile andhead to where it says your number of followers, tap that number. And you’re going to see a list ofpeople who are following you.

Now, this is a new feature that I’veseen Instagram test this year, but it’s this Remove button. So this allows you to actually deletethis follower from following you. So you can go ahead andscroll through again, if you’ve ever purchased followersor you think there are fake accounts, you can go ahead and removethem directly right here. The second quick thing you can do isto leave any comment pods that you are in. Common pods were a reallypopular strategy in 2016 and maybe 2017, but Instagram hasfully come out and said, Hey, we know what you’re doing. We can see through the activity in youraccount that you’re in a comment pod, and we don’t see this ashigh quality engagement. So what Instagram’s algorithm does islikely lower the reach of your posts. It knows that the same 20 peopleare commenting on your post.

So yes, from an outside perspective, it might look great that your postsgets so many comments so fast, but the algorithm is smart. Itknows what you’re doing. Again, Instagram has fully said,right here, you can read it, that the machine learning behind thealgorithm can pick this behavior up. So I know you might not getas many comments anymore, but at least by leaving comment pods, you know that your comments are goingto be real, genuine and authentic. Another quick thing you cando today is engage first. Don’t post anything. Don’t post yourStories.

Don’t post to your feed. Before you do anything, I want you to engage first becausesometimes I see business owners a little sad about their engagement. Maybe they’re complaining about ita little bit, but I have to ask, are you taking the timeto engage with others? Or are you sitting back waitingfor engagement to come to you? Instagram is a two way street and theInstagram algorithm loves when two accounts have a relationshipwhere they both follow each other, they DM each other. Theyrespond to each other’s stories. The algorithm loves this. So in 2020, you can’t be passive and just sit backand wait for the comments to roll in. Your best bet is to engage first. Soif you’re not sure where to do that, what I recommend is watch some people’sStories and go ahead and reply to their stories. That’s going to create a directmessage thread between the two of you. Now, I love DMs becauseof their sales power.

And I’ve taught more on thistopic right here in this video. Go ahead and check it out. Let’s diveinto my content strategy for 2020. Now, if you’re followingme on Instagram hint hint, then you probably have seen that I’mposting a whole lot more video and that’s for good reason. Followers generally find videos tojust be a whole lot more engaging, so often I get a lot more engagementand a lot more views to my video posts than my photo orquote card posts. Now, Instagram has said we don’tfavor video, but again, people just find it more engaging. Anytime someone watches yourvideo for three seconds or more, it’s considered a view. Plus videos actually showup on people’s Explore page and they are four timeslarger than regular posts. Go to your Explore pagenow and check it out.

Look at the videos thatare playing there. So, videos are a great way to get in frontof people who aren’t yet following you. Now, if ever you’re making avideo that’s over 60 seconds, you’re going to want to postit to your IGTV channel. Now I’ve done a whole trainingor right here on IGTV. Go ahead and check it out. It covers how to postInstagram TV and get crazy views. Hint, you’re going to want toshow a preview of it in your feed. The second part of my content strategy is, I’m going all in oncommunity-based content. This is a term that I’ve made up, butit just best describes what it is. It’s not just a regular quote card. It is a quote card that’s designedspecifically for my community, meaning it’s not about me. It is like the bumper sticker that mycommunity would be happy to put on their car, as a metaphor. I’ve covered this topicmore on community-basedcontent in this video right here, how to make quotes on Instagram.So check it out for a longer explanation. But the point is I justsee crazy engagement, crazy shares when I createcommunity-based content. So it’s generally the things thatmy community is thinking or feeling, but maybe they haven’t articulated it yet. So when I articulate it and they see itin their feed, they’re just like, OMG, like, that’s exactly it. I needto share this. I need to save it. And the engagement for thoseposts are usually off the charts. My third content strategyfor 2020 is to repurpose. Repurposing is saving me so much time. Even just sharing my YouTube videosinstead of keeping them just on YouTube, excuse me, I just swallowed air. Instead of just letting themsit on my YouTube channel, I’ve now brought them over to my IGTVchannel. And it’s crazy. You know, you think people know about your YouTubetrainings and then you post it to your IGTV.

And they’re like, OMG, thisis amazing. And I’m like, what? You never saw this on my YouTube channel?And it’s like, yeah, people are busy. They don’t see every piece ofcontent that you put out there. So I have felt no guilt in repurposingmy YouTube content over to my Instagram. In fact, some big people in the industry havediscovered me because of my IGTVs. So I love repurposing content. Now, if you’re not a YouTuber like me,Hey, I’m a YouTuber. Feels nice. If you’re not a YouTuber like me, you can still repurposecontent from other channels. So maybe you like to tweet funny thoughts. Then you can turn yourtweets into quote cards. I’ve covered that strategy in this videoright here. Go ahead and check it out. Now what’s my current favoriteresource for repurposed content? Why it is TikTok.

TikTokis its own culture. Yes, my Instagram followers don’t alwaysfind my TikTok content funny, but my tip-based TikToks doreally well as posts in my Instagram feed. As you mightknow, TikTok videos are short. They are usually less than 15 seconds. So they’re actually perfectvideos for your feed. Now TikTok videos are long. So if you can crop them to fit intoyour feed nicely and not lose too much information, it works really well.Just like this video right here. This is a TikTok of mine that did okay. And then I shared it into my feed onInstagram and it did a whole lot better. The last but not least in my Instagrammarketing strategy is Stories. Stories have always been a key part ofmy strategy because people are spending more and more time in the Xtories. And I love the fact that you canreply to people’s Stories and start a direct message thread. So if you’ve been strugglingwith showing up in your Stories, if you’re just not surewhat to say in your Stories,

I have the perfect solution foryou. It is called Story Vault. It is a vault of a hundred, no – 800, 800 ideas and prompts foryour Instagram stories. And they’re not random. They’re organized by categoriesand seasons of your business. So maybe you want moreeyeballs to your profile. Maybe you want more engagement with yourfollowers. Maybe you want more leads. Maybe you want more sales. All of these seasons arecovered inside of Story Vault. If you’re a little intrigued, go ahead and find the link to StoryVault right below this video in the description, and definitely grab ittoday while you can. To ease and revenue, I’ll see you in the next video. Youmade it to the end of this video. Thanks for joining me.I hope you enjoyed it. Be sure to like this video andsubscribe so that you don’t miss any future trainings just like this one.

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