TikTok Algorithm 2020 Explained Briefly

So now that you have a good ideaof how the TikTok algorithm works, there are ways that you canmake it work in your favor. In quarantine, guesswhat all the millennials, gen-Z-ers and baby boomers were doing?Yep. They were downloading TikTok. We all collectively went from being alittle iffy about TikTok to memorizing full blown dance routines,even grandma. If you’re here, it’s because you’re curious about theTikTok algorithm and how you can make it work for you so that your videosget seen by more and more people, but not just anyone, ideally yourtarget customer or target follower.

So today I’m sharing everything thatwe do and do not know about TikTok’s, algorithm. And stay tuned until theend where I’m going to share a recent, huge change that might actuallyaffect your growth in the algorithm and what you can do about it. What I’m about to share with youhas worked for my student, Amber, whose video on TikTok has over400,000 views in the fitness niche. I’m Elise Darma, and I’ve helped thousands of entrepreneurslike yourself use social media to actually grow your business. And today I am covering theTikTok algorithm in 2020. It’s probably safe to say thatTikTok’s algorithm is pretty similar to Instagram’s or Facebook’sor YouTube’s or Pinterest. Most social media networks have thismachine learning going on behind the scenes to figure out what you, theuser, would like to see the most.

However, a big difference between TikTok andInstagram or YouTube is that with those platforms you can actually clickinto and choose which video you want to watch. With TikTok, the choiceisn’t yours, at least initially. The algorithm figures outwhich videos to send your way. What do I mean by that part,”At least not initially”? Well, when you first sign up for TikTok,you are going to see a For You page. This is TikToks algorithm at work. This is essentially curated videos thatthe algorithm is putting in front of you – most likely the most popular videoson TikTok – to see what your reaction is like. And then based on yourreaction to those initial videos, TikTok’s algorithm is figuringout what captures your attention. The For You page is essentiallywhere people want to end up on to be “viral”, because if a video you makeends up on other people’s pages, you’re effectively getting in front ofpeople who have never heard from you before, and they don’t follow you.

This is all in contrast tothe Following page. So yes, you can find creatorson TikTok that you like, and you can choose to follow them. So TikTok actually separates itout into two pages. One is For You, which is all based on the algorithmand what it thinks you’ll like. And then you have a separatepage called Following, and these are just the accountsthat you’ve decided to follow. Every time you’re on TikTok thealgorithm is tracking your actions. It’s tracking how many times you watcha video. Do you watch until the end, do you tap into that person’s profile.

This is machine learning at play. Now it’s generally believed thatTikTok’s algorithm is looking at five key factors when it comes to yourbehavior as a TikTok user. And these five key factors actuallydetermine how well your TikTok videos will do, and whether they’ll go viral or not. So let’s cover the five key factorsin order of least important to most important. The first factor are likes. Every video you create canget likes or hearts to it. Likes are a pretty passive way forpeople to engage with your content, so it’s believed that this isthe least important factor, meaning it has the least weight inhow the algorithm assesses your video. The next factor is comments. So comments take a littlebit more effort than likes. So the algorithm will track to see howmany people will actually take the time to write a comment onyour video. After that, the algorithm will look at shares. Are people loving your video somuch that they are sharing it, whether they’re sending it to someoneelse or saving it to their favorites, or maybe even downloading andsaving a copy to their camera roll, which you can do on TikTok by theway. So that’s the third factor. The fourth factor is completion rate.

So are people watching your TikTokall the way through till the end? So most TikToks are 10, maybe 15 secondslong. So the algorithm is looking, are you capturing people’s attentionfor the full 10 to 15 seconds? And even saying that iskind of ridiculous because, how short our attention spans thesedays? But they’re pretty short. So if you’re not capturing someonein the first one to three seconds, and they’re just gettingout of your video, the Algorithm is going totake a note. With that said, you can also get strategic on how youcapture people’s attention in the first one to three seconds. So openingyour TikTok with something like, “wait for it” or hinting that there’s asurprise at the end might encourage your viewers to watch the wholeclip. The fifth factor is, are people rewatching your video? Arethey watching it over and over again? Are they finding it so entertainingor informative that they have to watch it again? And if you think about it, this is why dance videosdo so well on TikTok. Especially if people are rewatchinga video to learn the dance routine. So think about that when youare creating TikTok videos, how can you make itre-watchable again and again? The more the algorithm sees peoplewatching your video over and over again, the more it’s going toshow it to more people. So now that you have a good ideaof how the

TikTok algorithm works, there are ways that you can make it work in your favor. The first way is being strategicin your song choice. Yes, there are trending songs that comeand go on TikTok but more than that, if you go to your analytics onwho’s following you on TikTok, the followers tab will actually giveyou recommendations on what songs your followers are listening tothe most. That’s a big hint, hint from TikTok to use thesesongs in your own videos. The next thing you can do is post whenyour audience is most likely to be active and in the TikTok app. So again,this is all inside of your analytics. And if you go to the Followerstab, you’ll get this information. The next thing you can do isuse hashtags strategically. So if you ever want to know, what’s trending head on over to theDiscover page and look at the trending hashtags, right? See if there are anyrelevant to your audience, your niche, your business, then when you’re posting, be sure to use a couple trending hashtags, maybe one to two that are relevant andthen the rest should be super niche.

They should be small and specificto your business and your market. Avoid the really bighashtags like #viral or #FYP, because they have billions ofviews associated with them, and right now your goal is tojust be niche and targeted. Another thing you can try to work thealgorithm in your favor is to create video content that’s specific toyour local area, so your city, because it’s said that the algorithmis more likely to show you video content from people who are in your localarea. And I know from my experience, I’ve definitely noticedthat. Whether I’m in Toronto, where I see videos of otherTorontonians, filming the park, filming their apartment, or evenwhen I traveled to Vancouver, suddenly I was seeing Vancouver-basedcontent in my For You page. Since you’ve made it to the end, you might be wondering what haschanged recently for TikTok? And the answer is thecoronavirus pandemic. TikTok usage has absolutelyexploded since the pandemic because so many people have been at homein quarantine and in lockdown. In fact, CNN reports: TikTok was downloaded 315 milliontimes from January through March 2020, an amount that tops any otherapp ever for a single quarter. TikTok now has 2 billiondownloads overall doubling its total from just 15 months ago.

I’ll repeat that in April of 2020, TikTok had over 2 billion downloads. So what does this mean for you? Whether you’re already on TikTok oryou’re thinking of joining? Well, before the pandemic, it wasn’t too uncommon that youcould post one or two videos and get a ton of views. But now there are a lot more people onthe app and therefore you might need to be a lot more consistent with yourcontent strategy before you see one of your videos go viral. Alright. So if you’re at least remotely curiouson how you can use TikTok to actually grow your business, I inviteyou to check TikTok Vault. TikTok Vault two-part program. One part is all the how tos that youneed to know so that you can actually make easy TikTok videos. And the second part is avault of 300 ideas of TikTok videos you can create to actually growyour business and they’re categorized by what you offer in your business,whether that’s services, coaching, or products. So head to TikTokVault.co, or find the link right belowthis video in the description. To ease and revenue.

I’llsee you in the next video. Thanks for watching today’straining on the TikTok algorithm. If you liked this video,please give it a like, and don’t forget to subscribe to thischannel, the buttons right below here, so that you never miss any futuretrainings, just like this one.

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